~~ The Rage Of An Ocean ~~

Is it the rage of an ocean, or is it near end times today?
So very many perished, when the raging water came their way.
God, I shan't ask for a reason; it is your realm to let be.
But, please Lord put the stay at the place of the ocean sea.

Father, help the ones whose heart is broken, those that lost kin.
Protect them from diseases sweet Jesus, let not this be again.
Bless those that lost all, sweet Father, of love divine.
Herald in help from sister, and brother nations of kind

Give these wounded hearts peace Lord; give a divine guide.
Please put the stay on all other walls of water, to Thee abide.
Lord, our friends are in dire need today; hold their heart
In Thy loving care, and let them never from Thee to part…

Bless the fathers, mothers and children; they so need you now.
Their world has torn apart, and they need Thee in their heart somehow.
I believe the end times are here, with us every day.
Praying here sweet Savior, you'll take all the grief far away.

Let us help our brethren by giving food, medicine and care.
I know somewhere in the heart of all, there must be a Prayer.
Hear their cries Lord; keep all of the weak and wounded in the light.
Then we will not in our dreams, hear their screams into the night.


© 2004 Pearlie Duncan Walker

Used with permission


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