Darling, I will be your teardrop,
Should your eyes overflow.
I'd love to be your heartbeat
As throughout life you go.

Let me be the happiness,
All wrapped up inside your heart,
And let me be your heartache,
If we should ever part.

Let me be your sunshine,
When the rain falls upon your head.
I'll take you in and feed you
When you’ve gone un-fed.

I'd like to be the soft breeze,
To blow upon your face in the sun,
And if you ever fall in love
I'd like to be the only one.

Let me be your happiness,
When your face looks all sad and blue,
And, if I could, let me be the mirror
That looks right back at you.

I'd be ever so happy if, one day,
You’d call my name with love
And let me be your cloudless sky,
Way up there above.

I'd be the blue bird of happiness,
To sing to you a song,
And maybe you would let me cuddle you,
When all the world goes wrong.

I could be your shadow,
Who could look back into your face,
Or be the floor you walk upon,
Should you have a need to pace.

I would be a shoulder to cry upon,
Should your sorrow be great to bear,
Or be a best friend, who’d love you
Through it all and really care.

I'd even be the casket,
Should you decide to lay right down and die.
Then, I could cover and hold you,
As we tell the whole world good-bye.


© by Pearlie Duncan Walker

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' The Letter' painted by Michael Swanson

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