With today being our first Anniversary,
my heart reflects back through the year.
And recalls all the cherished moments;
everything that my heart holds so dear.

Who would have thought when we met,
that we would have found a love so true.
But when our hearts touched so deeply,
itbecame pure destiny, for me and you.

Our love has continued to grow stronger,
every day since we have been together.
I know all my love will never stop growing,
and I'll carry this love I feel for you, forever.

You've given so very much to my heart;
no one has ever loved me the way you do.
It's impossible for me to say how I feel,
but to tell you how much I truly love you.

The year with you has been so wonderful,
and I am so grateful for the love we share.
All the joy, the laughter and even the tears,
shared with you, always knowing you care.

So on this day, of our first Anniversary,
I want you to know how much you mean.
You have given my heart the kind of love,
I thought I could only ever have in a dream.

I'll cherish all of the days we have together;
feel blessed for having the love I've yearned.
Every day I will thank God for loving you,
but mostly, for all of my love being returned.

Pamela Hall 16th January, 2001

Please Email Pamela Hall for permission
to use her wonderful poetry.

Thank you Pamela for sharing your beautiful
poetry with me and visitors to my site.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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