We can all say, there is "always tomorrow",
for something that we would like to say or do.
But in life there is no promise of a tomorrow,
and what happens if tomorrow doesn't find you?

Therefore, don't continually put off something,
whichis very important for you to do, or to say.
Many things are unpredictable within this life;
if you wait,your chance might be taken away.

Sometimes we are waiting for the "right time";
but what happens if that time doesn't come?
We are then left behind with heartfelt regrets,
over something so important being left undone.

Our heart could be left feeling so torn apart,
because time ran out on us; we were too late.
We didn't seize the opportunities when given,
before someone entered through Heaven's Gate.

But what if it is you, who is not here tomorrow,
and someone else is left without words from you?
Or regret over time never being found, and taken,
to do something together, you had wanted to do.

If thereis something important enough toyou,
for you to want it to be either said, or to be done.
Then don't put all these things off until tomorrow,
just in case the tomorrow you want doesn't come.

Time is an unknown quantity within our lifetime;
it can suddenly, without warning, be taken away.
So don't live life saying there's "always tomorrow"
but seizethe opportunities as you find them today.

Pamela Hall - 15th March, 2002


Thank you Pamela for your kindness and generosity
in allowing your beautiful and inspirational poetry
to be displayed on my website.

Please do not use poetry without permission of author.
Contact Pamela Hall to request use of her poetry.

Pamela Hall



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