There's another world beyond this Earth;
a second journey for us; another rebirth.
Although it's a place we have never seen,
our faith tells us, it's beautiful and serene.

When our life journey here on Earth ends,
and God has to call us back to His home.
Though leaving behind those who we love,
there's comfort in knowing we're not alone.

Our loved ones who have gone before us,
will be waiting for us at our Heaven's door.
And those who we have missed so much,
will share in our new journey, forevermore.

Together we shall bathe in Heaven's glory,
as we dwell in God's Kingdom of eternity.
Without any pain and suffering, only love,
while our souls and spirits can travel free.

In our journey beyond time on this Earth,
we could not return to any greater place.
God's love for all gives us our time here,
and our love for Him brings us His grace.

Pamela Hall - 10 October, 1999

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Painting ~ Stairway To Heaven ~
by Jim Warren

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