I know there's an Angel in the sky,
who is always watching over me.
I feel the warmth of her shining light,
and with my heart, her face I can see.

She watches over everything that I do;
ready to catch me, if I should fall.
And listens closely so she can hear,
whenever I have the need to call.

She showers me with God's love,
to keep me feeling so safe and warm.
To bring me peace and tranquillity,
if ever I am feeling so down and torn.

I look up at her, and say a prayer,
knowing she is always here for me.
My Guardian Angel since my birth,
to watch over me, unconditionally.

This Angel in the Heavenly skies,
is a gift from God, given in His love.
To be with me during my life's journey,
until I return home to Heaven above.

Pamela Hall
13th December, 2000

Please Email Pamela Hall for permission
to use her wonderful poetry.

Thank you Pamela for sharing your beautiful
poetry with me and visitors to my site.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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