A Spiritual Touch With My Angel

I saw you when I closed my eyes,
my Angel from the Heavenly skies.
I saw your wings, so pure and white,
surrounding you with a glowing light.


I wanted to reach out and touch you,
but knew you weren't physically there.
A blessing of your spiritual presence,
transforming beautifully through the air

My eyes needed not to be opened,
as I was seeing from within my heart.
Your precious living soul and spirit,
that's remained since we've been apart.

I could feel the words you said to me,
when you came to visit me that night.
Our souls connected in a timeless place,
filling me spiritually, with love and light.

I felt at peace within my whole being,
knowing that you were here with me.
A priceless gift given from God above,
because in my soul, in Him I believe.

Pamela Hall 22nd April, 2000


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