Judy's Realm of Sunshine and Smiles - Little Angel with Broken Wings by Pamela Hall




When God lovingly created you,
your time here was short to the rest.
As He gave you tiny broken wings,
when He brought you to our nest.

He knew you'd have special needs,
during your time here on Earth.
And l am so very proud He chose,
to bring you to us, at your birth.

You came to us already an Angel,
our little Angel with broken wings.
But you brought us so very much,
which only a special Angel brings.

We learned so much about life,
during our short time with you.
As one of God's special Angels,
a gift only given to a precious few.

The value of unconditional love,
was deeply implanted in our hearts.
There was nothing we wouldn't do,
to mend your wings, so torn apart.

You brought us much love and joy,
we cherished each day with you.
Although we wished you'd stayed,
God had a greater plan in His view.

He let us borrow you for only awhile,
before He called you back home.
But He knew while you were here,
you'd touch other lives, as our own.

Now you have returned to Heaven,
we were blessed with your time here.
All you gave, and all you taught us,
will always keep you held so near.

Your love continues to fill our hearts,
and we miss you so much every day.
Yet you gave us wonderful memories,
and nothing will ever take those away.

We have found comfort in knowing,
when you returned to God in the sky,
your tiny broken wings were mended.
So fly our precious little Angel....fly!

~ Little Angel With Broken Wings ~
Pamela Hall
13th November, 1998


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