So many miles we have travelled,
to get to where we are now.
But each step was taken with love,
so the road hasn't seemed that far.

Through many twists and turns,
and hills we've climbed along the way.
Each footprint that we have left behind,
has made us what we are today.

We travelled the miles side by side,
through all the ups and downs.
With our deep love keeping us together,
during all the smiles and frowns.

The love we share is stronger today,
through all the miles we have covered.
For when you travel a road together,
so much about each other is discovered.

Footprints of our love left to remind us,
of all the places where we have been.
And that our love for each other is strong,
so nothing we face, can come between.

Pamela Hall - 12th August, 1998

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