Judy's Realm of Sunshine and Smiles - Gift of Life



Our body is a precious gift from God,
for the time we're spending on Earth.
It's given to clothe our soul and spirit.
for our journey here, a physical birth.

When our time on Earth is through,
and God calls us back to His home,
We can pass our precious gift along,
by giving to others organs of our own.

We have no need of them in Heaven,
and can help those who remain here.
By our giving to another the gift of life,
allowing them to finish their time here.

Without the sacred gifts of our body,
loved ones may get called too soon.
We can give what we no longer need,
and help their life complete it's bloom.

You and I can make such a difference,
by being an organ donor when it's time.
Please give the most loving gifts of life,
by vowing to leave your organs behind.

Pamela Hall - 11th October, 1999

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Poetry used with permission of Pamela Hall