The heart of an Angel is so filled with love,
as soft as her delicate, velvety Angel wings.
She comes down to us from Heaven above,
to spread all the love our faith in God brings.

God knows life won't always be easy for us,
so He sends His Angel messengers our way.
To guide us, and watch over all His children,
and fill us with His love, as we face each day.

Every Angel's heart's a reflection of God's love,
and the world's beauty He created for us to see.
When you look into an Angel's Heavenly heart,
you'll see the way God meant for our life to be.

To love each other, and this world He created,
and to have faith that God lives within us all.
To know in His love He gave Jesus and Angels,
both to walk along with us, during our life's call.

Look deeply into the heart of a Heavenly Angel,
and you will see all of God's love that lies within.
When you view your life through an Angel's heart,
your own heart will become open, and let God in.

Pamela Hall - 13 January 2000.

Please email Pamela Hall
to request permission to use
' The Heart of an Angel'

My heartfelt thanks to a wonderful and caring lady,
Pamela Hall, a talented and gifted poet,
who I am proud to call 'friend',
for granting permission
for her wonderful and inspirational
poetry to be featured on my website.

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