Just like an Angel,
you answer all those who call.
With your heart so full of love,
you help prevent them fall.

You never turn and walk away;
it's not something you can do.
Always giving all that you can,
from the Angel, inside of you.

You always think of others,
before any needs of your own.
Giving all your love and support,
so they never feel they're alone.

Just like an Angel,
you give unconditional love.
Given in the name of our Lord,
in the Heavenly skies above.

Your arms are like soft wings,
embracing others in your heart.
And your heart is like a halo;
shining light through the dark.

You don't need wings and a halo,
to be the giver of another's prayer.
It's the heart that is within you,
which shows an Angel is there.

Just like an Angel,
you make a difference every day.
To those whose lives you touch,
in your own very special way.

Dedicated to my very dear and close friend,
Judy Bibby.

© Pamela Hall - 21st July, 2002

Thank you Pamela for this beautiful poem
written and dedicated to me
on my birthday - 21st July 2002.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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