When you are feeling lost and all alone;
as though your world is falling apart.
I will take you gently by the hand,
and hold you safely with my heart.

I will walk with you, hand in hand,
in your search for a better tomorrow.
And give you all I have within my heart,
to chase away your tears of sorrow.

I will not let go, but hold you close,
so we can find the strength of two.
No matter where your journey takes us,
together, we will make it through.

My heart will be your shining light,
as it disperses the darkness with my love.
And my hand will hold you in a prayer,
found in our faith,with the Lordabove.

I will give to you my heart, my hand,
whenever life fills you with despair.
For no matter where I find myself,
you can always trust me, to be there.

Pamela Hall 14th April, 2002

Please Email Pamela Hall for permission
to use her wonderful poetry.

Thank you Pamela for sharing your beautiful
poetry with me and visitors to my site.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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Painting used on this page is
'The Secret
painted by - William Bouguereau