Since you have come into my life,
it has never been the same;
As l have found something with you,
which is impossible to explain.

You have touched my life so greatly;
more than you could ever know.
You took a heart which was sad,
and gave it an inner glow.

You put a smile back on my face,
and took away my frown.
You lifted my spirits to great heights,
at a time when l felt down.

You gave me back my humour,
which had become buried inside.
You allowed me to be completely open,
with nothing about me l need to hide.

You accepted me along with my faults,
and have seen the best l have in me.
You made me feel like l'm special,
in knowing you really enjoy my company.

You showed me how much you do care,
and loved me always unconditionally.
You have bettered my life in many ways,
by making me feel happier, about being me.

Pamela Hall - 31st March, 1998

God Bless you Pamela for sharing your poetry
with me and visitors to my website.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.
May God bless you and keep you safe always.

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