When your head hangs low, look up;
let your heart see Jesus standing there.
You are not alone in all of your sorrow,
as Jesus will carry the cross you bear.

Let your faith call you to His open arms,
to be held safely in His loving embrace.
He will give you the courage you need,
for the difficulties you are having to face.

He will guide you within troubled waters,
until the water once again becomes still.
He will calm your fears, renew your hope,
and in all of His love, strengthen your will.

So lift your head up, and rest in His love,
and have faith you're never walking alone.
For the outstretched arms of Lord Jesus,
will hold you, and become your cornerstone.

Pamela Hall
3rd November, 1999

Please email Pamela Hall
to request permission to use
'Your'e Never Alone'

My heartfelt thanks to a wonderful and caring lady,
Pamela Hall, a talented and gifted poet,
who I am proud to call 'friend',
for granting permission
for her wonderful and inspirational
poetry to be featured on my website.

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