Special friendships are only a few,
and I have found this friendship with you.
Someone with whom I'm free to be myself,
without feeling the need to be anyone else.
I can be honest and open with all I say,
knowing that your friendship will always stay.
For you never judge me in what I say or do,
even if my choices are different from you.
Your support's always there when I need a friend;
with your caring heart, and an ear to lend.
You make everything brighter by just being you;
removing the dark clouds which shroud my view.
In times of joy, you are always happy for me;
I know that in your heart, you share my glee.
I am able to share with you, anything at all;
the times when I am up; the times that I fall.
If I'm feeling down, you tell me how special I am;
when I'm discouraged, you tell me that I can.
You can always find the right words to say,
to take any of the negatives I am feeling away.
This special friendship that we have together,
will be held between our two hearts forever.
For friendships this special are a gift for two,
and I'm so blessed, to share this gift with you.
 Pamela Hall
20th August, 2001
Pam, you have touched my heart again by writing this beautiful poem
'A Special Friendship' just for me.
I value and treasure our friendship Pam - God blessed us both the day
He brought us together as lifelong friends. 


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'Precious Memories' painting used with permission of Paula Vaughan