Just once in your lifetime,
you find that perfect love.
A love which comes to you,
as a precious gift from above.

It fills your heart with a love,
beyond your greatest dreams.
Touching your deepest emotions;
taking your heart to extremes.

It becomes a river of life,
flowingthroughout your being.
Making you feel so alive,
with the beauty you areseeing.

It's a feeling of completeness,
as it embraces your inner soul.
And binds the strings of your heart,
with another, to make it whole.

It's a love which gives your heart,
it's greatest treasures to share.
Of all the jewels received in life,
this precious gift is beyond compare.

When you find that perfect love,
you've found love to last a lifetime.
When you find it your heart will know;
and I have found this love in mine.

Pamela Hall - 1st February, 2002

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