I have faith that you have now gone to a better place,
And been given eternal life, by the hand of God's grace.
But I find it heartbreaking to no longer have you here,
Although I know in my heart, you'll always be very near.

God knew the time had come to call you back home,
Your body was tired, and couldn't function on it's own.
He called you back home again to make you whole,
But He left me the precious gift, of your beautiful soul.

His Angels took you away peacefully without any pain,
A true blessing we all received, in God's loving name.
When your time arrived and you could no longer stay,
God gave us the time, for the words we needed to say.

Difficult to accept that it was time for us to say goodbye,
And my heart aches deeply, along with all the tears I cry.
Yet I know God opened His arms to welcome you home,
And as my precious Angel in Heaven, I'll never be alone.

Pamela Hall ~ 18th September 1999

Poetry used with permission from Pamela Hall.
Please do not copy or use poetry without written permission from Pamela Hall.
This poem was written by Pamela Hall and dedicated to her Mum 
on her  passing into the world of spirit.

Music playing ~ If I could hear my Mother pray again ~ sung by Loretta Lynn

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