Do you remember when,
we used to love each other so very much?
When we wanted to spend every moment together,
and longed for each other's tender touch.


Do you remember when,
we used to make love almost every night?
Now we are so quick to turn away from each other,
just giving the other a fleeting kiss goodnight.


Do you remember when,
we always used to share a laugh and smile?
And just being able to be with one another,
made everything else, always seem worthwhile.


Do you remember when,
we were always wanting to do everything together?
How the times we were apart from each other,
we said, we thought it seemed like it was forever.

Do you remember when,
many words of love so easily came our way?
When our hearts were so filled with great love,
there was always so much that we wanted to say.


Do you remember when,
we could bring such comfort to each other's fears?
And when one of us was hurting, or feeling sad,
we would gently kiss away all of the other's tears.


Do you remember when,
life was wonderful, just because we had each other?
Now it seems we have become so distant,
and that our lives hardly have time for one another.


Do you remember when,
we both always said we loved with all of our heart?
What happened to this great love felt between us?
How did a love so strong, just so simply fall apart?

Pamela Hall - 13th December, 2000

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