There are many friends we meet online;
some we lose contact with along the way.
Somehow, we have lost keeping in touch,
but, know that I am thinking of you today.

I've prayed that you have been doing well;
I have often wondered about how you are.
My heart has never once forgotten you,
as I have still thought about you from afar.

I've missed having you as a part of my life,
and everything we always used to share.
Much time has now passed on between us,
but time has not reduced, how much I care.

It's never too late to renew good friendship,
when it's "life"which causes it to drift apart.
No time, or distance, can ever be too great,
ifthe friendship still remains in your heart.

Our friendship has remained in my heart;
I hope it hasremained within your heart too.
Therefore, today I am wanting you to know,
I wouldlove to renew my friendship with you.

Pamela Hall - 26th March, 2002

Thank you Pamela for your kindness and generosity
in allowing your beautiful and inspirational poetry
to be displayed on my website.

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Painting - The Tease
by John William Godward - 1901.