There are ways you make me feel,
that I have never known before.
They leave me with such a hunger;
a great desire to know even more.

I didn't know I could feel this way,
until suddenly you came along.
It feels like I had all of the words,
but you put the music to my song.

All the special unknown feelings,
that I have now found with you.
Have lifted my heart so very high,
with all of the loving things you do.

They take me to a magical place,
that only you and I can share.
A place I thought I'd never reach,
until you came and took me there.

Special feelings I'm sharing with you,
are growing much stronger every day.
You've given my heart a precious gift;
I never thought I could feel this way.

Pamela Hall
7th December, 1999

Thank you Pamela for sharing your beautiful
poetry with me and visitors to my site.
I will always treasure your friendship
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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