This ring I am giving to you,
is a symbol of my endless love.
A love that will live for eternity,
both here, and in Heaven above.

For my love for you will remain,
through all the passing of time.
As love like this can only be felt,
once only, in this heart of mine.

A precious love, so rare to find,
is the love I have found with you.
With this ring I pledge my devotion,
as my heart will forever remain true.

I am giving my heart to yours,
to have and to hold, now and forever.
Like the complete circle of this ring,
our hearts will remain joined together.

My deep love for you will never wane;
as each day it becomes more strong.
You have become such a part of me,
I know that it is with you, I do belong.

With this ring I am giving to you,
I'm giving everything I feel in my heart.
An endless amount of the purest love,
to the one who I wish never to be apart.

Pamela Hall - 7 December, 2000

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