The true beauty of a woman,
is found within the love from her heart.
As love given out is the only real way.
that true beauty makes it's mark.

It doesn't matter if her hair is grey,
or she has wrinkles upon her face.
It is all she gives out from her heart;
all she holds in a loving embrace.

Whether she is plump, or too thin,
has nothing to do with beauty at all.
It's the loving words she has spoken,
which a heart she's touched recalls.

It's the acts of kindness freely given,
to show how much she does care.
Giving of herself; thinking of others,
with all the love she wishes to share.

The true beauty of a woman,
has no bearing on colour or race.
Just as a woman can be so beautiful,
without you ever seeing her face.

Her clothes can be rags or riches,
as she may be rich, or even poor.
But one is no different from the other,
when it's her beauty you're looking for.

Look into her heart with your own,
without notice of what your eyes see.
As deeper than her outer appearance,
is where you'll find her true beauty.

Pamela Hall 13 January 2001

Pamela you write from the heart and you touch the heart
of all who read your beautiful poetry.
Thank you for allowing me to share your poetry
with visitors to my website.

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