On Valentine's Day we think of all those,
whose love we are carrying in our heart.
The love we're sharing is just as special,
whether we are close, or living far apart.

Two hearts share a very special feeling,
whether it be together, or be from afar.
There is no distance when love is shared;
it is as close as to where your hearts are.

On this special day ofcelebration for love,
I thank you for the love you've given to me.
It's a blessing which I treasure every day,
and always hold inside my heart so dearly.

You've made such a difference to my life,
by giving me all of the love that you do.
I hope that I havealso shown how I feel,
by returning this same love back to you.

May your life always be filled with love,
and all the pleasures love is able to bring.
There is no greater emotion for our hearts,
than all of the beauty that's found in loving.

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I love you.

Pamela Hall - 13th February, 2002

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to contact Pamela Hall

Thank you Pamela for this beautiful poem.
You too have been my inspiration in so many ways,
I treasure our friendship, that developed through meeting
by chance through the internet.
God Bless you always, and may our friendship
continue all the days of our lives and beyond.

Painting ~ 'Tree Fairy'
is used with permission from
Mary Baxter St. Clair


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