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The Spirit of
Christmas Giving

This is the time when thoughts of baby Jesus fill the air;
a sweet Holy child, born into Mary and Joseph's care.
Where the true spirit of Christmas giving first began,
when God gave the loving gift of His only son to man.

The child born in a manger in Bethlehem one night,
is our Lord and our Saviour; mankind's guiding light.
The Son of God given to all, to save us from our sins;
to offer us the free gift of salvation, and all that it brings.

As the Angels bring sweet praises of the Lord this day,
let our hearts rejoice in the gift God has shone our way.
And like the three wise men guided by a shining star,
be guided by the pure loving light of Jesus to take us far.

Celebrate the joy, hope, and peace given to this Earth,
by the grace of God, on the night of our Saviour's birth.
Give of yourself not only to God, through Jesus Christ,
but give to others in the spirit of Christmas, born that night.

Pamela Hall
18th December, 1998

Thank you Pamela for your friendship and kindness
in granting permission for me to use
your beautiful and inspirationl poetry on my website

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Written permission granted by Paula Vaughan to use her art on this website.

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