Once I had a pet rabbit named Honey;
I'd raised her from just a wee bunny.
She'd sniff at my clothes, and wrinkle her nose,
And I'd laugh because she was funny.

Her fur was as white as the snow;
And her disposition was sunny,
She captured my heart and soul, from the start,
As pets go, she was right on the money.

Her eyes were jet black as the night;
So full of mischief, but, such a delight.
I loved her so much, she seemed just like my child,
A curious bunny, but she never ran wild.

I'd give her some veggies, and carrots to eat;
Then, she 'd look up at me, so timid and sweet.
And when it came time for her bunny nap,
Just like clockwork each day, she would hop in my lap.

As the years flew on by, my baby grew weak;
Old age had taken it's toll,
How I loved my precious Honey,
And  I miss her so, "But, I know she's in Heaven,
Where all sweet bunnies go.

© Vickie Lambdin ~ October 2002

This poem is dedicated to all bunny lovers everywhere,
Who have lost their precious little ones
through disease, or old age.
Many Blessings.....Vickie Lambdin

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to use 'Bunny Heaven'.
Also, please email Vickie and let
her know you enjoyed her poem, ' Bunny Heaven'.

Thank you Vickie for sharing your beautiful
poetry with me and visitors to my site.
May God continue to bless you and
the pen in your hand with inspirational
and heart warming poetry.

God bless you and keep you safe always.

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