Our Precious was a beautiful Silver Marten bunny;
He was black as the night, and sweeter than honey.
A tiny little thing, a dwarf from the Netherlands,
He could curl up in comfort, in one of
daddy's big hands.

He became a part of my husband and me;
Just like our only child, sweet Precious grew to be.
He thought he was a person, didn't know he was a hare,
And the happiness he brought to us,
was so beautiful and rare.

We had his blue and red blankies,
spread out for his bed;
And they'd play "King of the Mountain"
and he would kiss daddy's head.
I couldn't walk, as I am wheelchair bound,
But, just watching them play,
so much joy that I'd found.

After dad went to bed, he'd curl up beside me;
And, I'd sing, "You Are My Sunshine,"
while we both watched T.V.
He would cock his little bunny ears,
so I'd know that he had heard,
And Precious seemed to understand each,
and every word.

Precious started acting strange one day;
While he made a gasping noise,
He didn't want to eat or drink,
Nor play with any of his toys.

So, dad and I got worried;
We were both perplexed,
We found a Vet to check him out,
Then, she prescribed K-Flex.

The medication she prescribed for Precious;
Made him much more ill,
And as each day passed, he'd gotten worse,
His little body had gone downhill.
So, a friend of ours named Joan;
Who loved Precious so much, too,
Took him to a second Vet,
A Professionalone,she knew.

But, after this Vet checked Precious out;
He said there wasn't any doubt,
That his defenses were broken down,
And there was no hope, to be found.

So, Precious left us last July;
With broken hearts, his dad, and I
But, we'll see you again my Precious,
Just you wait, and see.
We'll re-unite in Heaven;
And you'll rejoin our family:

Vickie Lambdin ~ October 2002

This poem was written especially as a
Tribute for Precious.

If there's a Bunny Heaven, then my Precious is up there;
Along with all the other bunnies, and his relatives the hare;
Daddy and I, miss and love you, very much Precious.

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' Precious Memories'.

God bless you Vickie for the kind and thoughtful things
you do for others, also allowing your poetry to be
displayed on my website.

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