Where is my Darlin' Girl tonight,
I hope she's doin' al'right.
I have not seen her since her birth,
I gave her to those of worth.

As years have passed I love her more,
Her father I deplore.
A wealthy son of a prominant man;
But she never knew his clan.

We both were young and did a wrong,
But my baby in life would belong.
I didn't tell him what he had done,
for he'd only deny and run.

Our family pride was all at stake,
I'd give her a clean break.
No scarlet child with a hideous mark,
In life would she embark.

The last I heard she was to go,
--The Word of God to sow.
Across the sea to Swaziland,
without the sinners' brand.

She thought her Mother died THAT DAY
without giving her Father away.
The time will come when we'll meet,
Two broken hearts in Heaven will greet.

James Herbert Henderson ~ January 7, 2003
Hartselle, AL

In Honor of all Mothers
who refused to have an abortion
in order to protect the family name.

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I wish you a safe and happy New Year
with blessings of love, good health
and happiness throughout 2003.


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