Three crosses stand for all to see.
Two were for thieves, and one for me.
I never was nailed to that tree.
Another was nailed there for me.

There was a man who took my place.
My debt is gone without a trace.
It was not missed identity,
But love that put Him on that tree.

Three crosses stand until this day
To show how He takes sin away.
Empty crosses upon a hill
Remind me of the Father's will,

And of the Son who took my place
To bear my sins and my disgrace.
He took my guilt and bore my shame,
And I will never be the same.

Three crosses stand so I might see
The love it took to set me free.
The price was paid, there, for my debt
So that the Father could forget.

I prayed for mercy. He gave grace.
Then with great Love, He took my place.
This is the praise that I shall give,
"He came to die, that I might live."

Glen Pysell ~ 2001

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