Do not weep for us, dear friends.
We have not been killed in vain.
Every stolen drop of blood,
Has bonded the world in friendship again.

Just like you, we lived our lives,
taking most things for granted;
The mass graves of broken steel and rubble
house only our human remains,
our souls chanted.

As we rise up in our new spirit's role
we shine our love down on those who remain.
Be strong, be proud, and fill your lives
with love and peace;
You will "build again" and our deaths
will not be in vain.

By our sacrifice the world has been given a gift,
The chance to change our world forever.
Not to live in selfishness and hatred.
Instead to live as God had originally intended.

To live in hate because of our deaths.
Will be stealing our gift of life to you all.
Cherish the gift; hold it close to your hearts.
Take the challenge, rebuild and answer the call.

Each day we shine our love down to you all.
For "We" are the "Army of Angels"
called "Justice".
We are soaring the universe, following our destiny.
Can't you feel us around you now?
The Armistice?

Do not weep for us dear friends.
Cry not for us, the innocents.
Hold no anguish inside your souls.
Let not your hearts lament.

Unknown to us, our lives had been
Set to an untrodden path.
To guide you on a new road
To leave peace and unity, in the aftermath.

Seize the day!

Peggy O'Hara - 2001

Thank you Peggy for granting permission
for Angels of Justice to be displayed on my site.

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The picture used on this page was created
using several graphics to depict the many
angels who went to heaven 11 September 2001.

Part of the picture used on this page is from a painting
by Danny Hahlbohm - 'In God's Hands'.
Artwork is used with written permission
from Danny Hahlbohm.

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Danny Hahlbohm's Inspired Art Gallery.

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