Graceful Guardian ~ James Lee

Down by a Babbling Brook ~ Leslie M. Willson Sr.

Down by a babbling brook, I sat.
Watching as it rippled by,
I caught a glimpse of a shadow
Of an eagle that soared the sky.

On the edge of the brook, where I was sitting,
Were flowers that nature had sewn.
Their reflection, at the edge of the water,
Was enhanced by the sunbeam that shown.

I was charmed by the beauty around me.
The aura gave my soul a repose.
I was closer to Eden surrounding me,
And the fragrance was perfume to my nose.

There's nothing as beautiful as nature,
When you put her in perspective of view.
For, God is the creator of everything,
And nature is the reflection of His hue.

Flower's bloom most everywhere.
For, the earth is God's garden, you know,
And His mystical way of planting;
By the birds and the bees and the wind that sows.

The sun, clouds, and rain nourish
And the earth feeds the seed,
So all of God's creation can live in harmony -
Even with the unwanted weed.

Leslie M. Willson, Sr.

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Title of painting is 'Classic Garden Retreat'
Artist ~ James Lee

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