Little Shoes

 Due to copyright of 

"Little Shoes"

written by Terri Wright, 

I am unable to display this beautiful 

poem  on my website.


Terri and Suzie have given me
permission to supply a copy of
"Little Shoes"
via email to anyone who would 
like a copy of the poem.

If you would like a copy of 
"Little Shoes"
emailed directly to you, please click
on the little shoes below and I will
email you a copy.
Please type in the body of your email
"request for copy of Little Shoes"


If you would like to read this 

beautiful poem online, please click 

on the picture of little shoes 

below to be taken to 

Suzie's Castle.

Terri Wright has given sole 
permission to Suzie's Castle 
to display her beautiful poem
written with much love and 
many tears, specifically for 
her precious daughter. 
Not only is this poem dedicated 
to Terri's daughter, the words 
tell the story of a child growing 
up, becoming a mother
and the miracle that comes 
with watching her child 
become a mother, too.

I thank you for respecting Terri's
wishes in regards to her lovely

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