~~ Where Did My Baby Girl Go? ~~

When you were my little baby girl
And you showed you really cared
Our life was so full of happiness
With all the good times we shared
Oh how much I really miss
Your sweet little 'moochie daddy' kiss.

...Where did my baby girl go?...

Now with each passing year of life
Our hearts drift ever more apart
You’re no longer my little baby girl
Except in the memories of my heart
The place where I hold you so dear
And can always have you so near.

...Where did my baby girl go?...

You’re no longer a girl, now woman grown
Beginning life anew, a life of your own
I'm left alone, with disheartening sadness
For all the past troubles we’ve known.

...Where did my baby girl go?...

If I could wish upon a shooting star
Or maybe wish upon a golden unicorn
I would wish for all the days we've missed
From now till when you were first born
I would be your precious daddy again
And have you love me as you did back then.

...Where did my baby girl go?...

Where did my little baby girl go?
You went the way all baby girls go
You grew up without me knowing
Leaving me thinking of all we missed
You may think you don’t need me
And that really hurts me so
For no matter what you think or feel
You will always be my baby girl to me.

© ~ Ralph Cotton

Dedicated to Daddy's Baby Girl

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Art by Don Seegmiller used with permission