Lord, I've been blind since my birth,
I've never seen anything on earth.
May I for Christmas see in one eye.
I have lots of things I want to "spy."

First, let me see my beloved wife.
She's shared me a wonderful life.
I've felt the tenderness of her face.
Four children she gave me by your Grace.

Our first daughter, a senior this year;
Is tops in the academic tier.
To see her graduate on the stage
Would be expressed with a verbiage.

My oldest son is handy with tools,
He's the best in the county trade schools.
His rebuilt Ford took the grand prize;
Could I view his mighty enterprise?

Sonny is a fun loving dancing "bug".
The floor raps when he "cuts the rug".
Tapping, clogging and flipping through the air;
They say he grins and moves without care.

Baby Carol's eight and sits on my lap;
With a giggling jump, she breaks my nap.
Her long soft curls smell so very sweet,
To see them would be a heavenly treat.

Sunsets, bright stars, frost upon the leaves,
Icicles, golden rods, spiders' weaves,
Green mountains, dry canyons, desert plains,
These I'd see...again...and again.

My life's been easy because of my friends;
They are of many races; our Spirits blend.
They taught me how to laugh and grin,
I'd like to see if one is my "twin".

Lord, if in this life I do not see,
Grant me strength to live for Thee.
The scenes in Heaven will be fairer still,
That will be MY GREATEST THRILL !!!

James Herbert Henderson

December 8, 2002

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My very best wishes to you James and your family
for a happy and joyous Christmas
with blessings of health, love and happiness all through 2003.



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