In dreams I saw the bridge of life
O'er which each soul must go,
And down below the rapids roar
In wildest winds that blow.

The bridge itself is weak and worn
From those who passed before.
With any step the stumbling soul
May slip and be no more.

And why, thought I, would God, so kind
Not mend that dangerous way?
Why would He let each precious life
Cross on that bridge each day?

But when I raised my eyes above,
There coming through the night,
I saw an angel, bright with grace,
Who shone with love and light.

He stopped beside that ancient bridge
And so this day He stands
Beside each soul that walks thereon
To guide with loving hands.

And then, I knew, there was no man
Who walked that bridge alone.
For God's own angels guard our way
To light the dark unknown.

Bernice Peyman

Please do not use or copy Bernice Peyman poetry without permission.
Please email Veryl Peyman to request permission to use
'The Bridge of Life'.

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Bernice Peyman

God bless you Veryl for sharing your Mother's poetry with me
and granting permission for her inspirational poetry
to be displayed on my site.

Through your Mum's poetry her memory lives
on in the lives of all who read these beautiful words.




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