STS107 Columbia Crew


STS107 Columbia Crew - Nancy Hoback

God says there is a time and a season.
In this lifetime, there was a reason.
On February first, in two thousand and three,
He took Seven of our Hero's to be with thee.

The world sat and were amazed,
Never realizing the outcome would be a big blaze.
A lot of years have passed by
Since that last tragedy in the sky.

There were seven that left our nation, today.
Your life had meaning and in our memory it will stay.
Our nation seemed to forget about
Your dedication hard work, and plans

We didn't even know a mission was taking place
We buried our head in the sands.
Hearts are breaking as we feel the loss
How could this happen, we can't sleep,
we just toss?

Left all alone are, Fathers. Mothers, Wives,
Brother, Sister and the Little Tikes.
The United States and all the World mourns for the
"Seven" and their Family's all alike.

Your deep gratitude, and your love for life,
will be missed
We gather in prayer and give your family
a hug and a kiss.
You were gone sixteen days
Sixteen minutes away from home

In Heaven now you all can roam.
We will be searching for answers and asking why
Did the Columbia Shuttle explode in the sky?.
We ask for Space and Science research to live on
For the "Seven", we must pay homage
for now they are gone.

Nancy Hoback ~ 1st February 2003

In loving memory of the 7 astronauts from
STS107 Columbia Space Shuttle who
died February 1, 2003

Commander Rick Husband
Pilot William McCool
Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon
Payload Commander Michael Anderson
Mission Specialist David Brown
Mission Specialist Laurel Clark
Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla

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