~~ Conversation with God ~~


I asked GOD, "Is my work done,
I'm getting kind of tired?"
HE answered, "No my son, it's not all done,
I'll tell you when you're fired."

I answered, 'GOD, I'm Getting old,
I really need a rest."
HE smiled and said, "I made you child,
I always know what's best."

I know that HE keeps testing me,
To see if I am strong.
But I'm afraid, that I will stray,
And end up doing wrong.

When I was young and in my prime,
I took this all in stride.
But now the years are taking toll,
I need HIM by my side.

I know there is a purpose,
For everything we do.
And HE will always show the way,
For what you're asked to do.

Sometimes, I fall and I loose faith,
When everything goes wrong.
But then I beg forgiveness,
In a prayer or a song.

GOD never turned HIS back on me,
Like I have done to HIM.
HE's always filled my cup with love,
Right up to the brim.

So, I guess HE has some other plans,
And chores for me to do.
But now I'm just so far behind,
I may miss one or two.

But I remember hearing,
There's no mountain I can't scale.
And even when they look so steep,
I know I cannot fail.

So then I said, "You know what GOD,
I'm not ready to come home.
I think I'll sit right down tonight,
And write another poem."

Joe Pielmeier Sr.
August 2001

To seek permission to use Joe's poetry,
please email Joe's grand daughter Heather,
by clicking on the flower below.

Joe's inspirational poetry has touched the
heart and soul of many; Joe's memory will be with
us for all time through his words of inspiration
he shared with all admirers of his wonderful poetry.

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