Judy, the joy that you have brought to me,
In using our poems sent across the seas
To many new friends that I've made,
I thank your for the unselfish sacrifice you paid.

Humbly, I find our poem among the world's best
Poets, done by a webmaster equal to the rest.
May you always use your God given art
In sharing with us your loving heart.

Tho' you have family that demands your time,
Keep your body and soul in rhyme.
An alert mind is sensitive to God's vibes,
Brings joy and peace that jibes.

Only God knows the ones you touched,
You'll say it hasn't been much:
But a cup of water given in Jesus' name,
In Heaven a reward you'll proclaim.

May God bless you and all your clan,
And your thousands of silent fans.
May God bless those in a very special way,
Where your heart really sways.

If we never face each other on earth,
May God's love enfold us in His global girth.
Words can not express gratitude you're due,
Iris and I simple say, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Love and hugs, Jim and Iris.
Jim Henderson ~ February 14, 2003

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Thank you Jim and Iris for this wonderful Valentine poem.
You have touched my heart with this kind gesture

Jim, I wish both you and Iris good health and happy days,
may God always hold you in the palm of His hand.


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Picture used 'Dolphin Dreams' was scanned from a card,
no artist or copyright information available.