~~ The Dreamer ~~

He always wished to fly a plane,
Since he was just a lad.
He said, "I'll be a pilot."
So he told his Mom and Dad.

He grew up and kept his promise,
Now he soars above the cloud.
He wears the uniform of few,
His parents sure are proud.

He flies the skies, to keep us free,
He's proud to do his part.
This task that he is asked to do,
He loves, with all his heart.

Each time he flies a mission,
He knows the danger he must face.
We pray each time that he soars high,
He's in Almighty's grace.

When we all get to Heaven,
In that place up in the sky.
Then we'll have wings, and we'll find out.
Just why he loves to fly.

For nothing frees a human soul,
Like when your dreams come true.
And you thank GOD for that one chance,
To soar up in the blue.

Joe Pielmeier Sr. ~ 2002

Please click HERE to email Joe's grand daughter Heather,
to seek permission to use Joe's poetry,

Joe's inspirational poetry has touched the
heart and soul of many; Joe's memory will be with
us for all time through his words of inspiration
he shared with all admirers of his wonderful poetry.

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