~~ My Evening Prayer ~~


O Great Spirit
Grant me time to think
It is the source of your power
Stand beside me and guide
me in my darkest hour

Grant me the wisdom to read and learn
For it is the fountain of wisdom
for all my needs
Come to me on my evening calls
when my prayers are placed
My heart stands alone and open
for your daily grace

Guide me to the path of happiness
and make me friend to all mankind
One to hold and trust
Help me show them peace
Help me to make my work meaningful
before I come to you for rest
Let my time on earth be one of charity
and when I come home knowing
I have done my best

Grant me time to love and be loved,
as it is your greatest gift of all
This I know
As I am of your Spirit
Grace to others I shall show

2003 R. Brent
sed with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
poetry without first seeking permission from the author.

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