~~ My Family of Angels ~~

Being born into a family of eight
Doesnt always make family so great
Into this family our lives were procured
Times were rough, but we all endured.

Sometimes I think just only one brother
To share things with like I could no other
Wed play baseball, and fishing wed go
Best friends wed be if one was feeling low.

Or maybe a little sister or two I suppose
To pull their pigtails and tweak their nose
And like no other Id guard them today
The role of big brother Id proudly play.

But both these options are gone you see
For all my siblings were older than me
Once we were eight, now were only four
And on this earth, four of us are no more.

But well all be together again I pray
For where they are, well all be someday
With our Mother in the Clouds on high
On Angel wings, as Angels well fly.

Ralph Cotton ~ 8th December 2003

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This candle glows in loving memory of our friends and
loved ones who have gone home to heaven.
We will all meet again one day when it comes our time
to go home to God.





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