~~ Do You Hear The Angel Speaking? ~~

Do you hear the angel speaking? Do you hear her heavenly voice?
Do you hear the song she's singing? Will you help her to rejoice?
Do you hear her when you're weary and find it hard to cope?
Do you hear her inspiration and her messages of hope?

Do you hear her voice of wisdom...as timeless as the sun,
The messages she speaks today she's spoken since time begun.
Angels are more than fairy tales, They're messengers from above,
Sent by our creator to guide us with their love...

And although I've never seen one, I hear them all the time...
Within each poem I write...within each verse and rhyme;
Because you see, I'm just a channel that they use to speak to you
To give you inspiration and to give you guidance too...

For angels really do exist and they are always near,
And if you read these poems aloud then you will truly hear...
Messages from heaven...messages from above...
The beautiful voices of angels guiding you with love!

Faye Kilday ~ 2000

Follow Your Heart ~~

Although it's been said many times before
It's a powerful message, so I'll say it once more...
Follow your heart, go wherever it may lead,
Follow your heart and you're sure to succeed!

For when you follow your heart and do what you love,
God gives you guidance and help from above...
And things start to happen that you never thought could,
And dreams come true...that you never thought would!

For God's given each of us a special part to play...
So follow your heart and you won't be led astray!

Faye Kilday ~ 2000

~~ It's Up To You! ~~

Will you win or will you lose?
The decision's entirely yours
to choose!
For quitters never win and
winners never quit...
So whatever you start you
must stick with it!
For everyone who's successful
in life
Has overcome heartache,
disappointments and strife.
But they stuck with their goals -
they saw them through...
And they never gave up till
their dreams came true!
So tell me my friend, will
you win or lose?
The decision's entirely yours
to choose!

Faye Kilday ~ 2000

Persist ~~

If there's something that you want,
I really must insist,
That you keep on trying - you really
must persist!
Good things come to those who wait
and to those who keep on trying,
So have persistence and you'll see that
soon you will be flying!
When baby birds first leave the nest,
they stumble and they fall,
It really must appear to them that life
is all uphill...
But they spread their wings - they don't
give up,
They persist for all they're worth...
And after much persistence they have
freedom from the earth!
So be just like a baby bird - always
looking forward,
And the freedom to fulfil your dreams
will be your end reward!

Faye Kilday ~ 1996

The Miracle ~~

Today I saw a miracle, right before my eyes,
It involved a blind woman...and an angel in disguise!

It was a small but special deed...the woman who was blind,
Was trying hard to cross the road - when he appeared behind...

Without alarm he took her arm and when the way was clear,
He guided her across the road and left her safely there...

I witnessed this whilst in the town, sitting in my car...
And it made me realize just how kind some folks really are!!

Faye Kilday ~ 1996

The Answers Lie Within You ~~

Cast aside the doubt that lingers in your mind,
Search inside your inner thoughts and you will surely find
The answers to your problems, the reasons for your fears -
That inner voice inside you tells the truth and truly cares.

For that inner voice inside you is like a guiding light,
It guides you through life's journey, depicting wrong from right.
So the next time you are worried and feeling plagued with doubt,
Turn to your inner voice to find the answer out.

Faye Kilday ~ 1996


God's Love Is Everywhere ~~

God's love is everywhere and in every place you look,
You will find it in the pages of the Holy Book,
You will find it in the garden, in the flowers and the trees,
You will find it in tiny insects like butterflies and bees.

You will find it in the springtime and in the summer too,
It's true, God's love is everywhere and in everything you do.
For God's love is infinite...it just goes on and on...
You will hear it in children's laughter and in the singing of a song.

It's in the oceans, in the forests and in the valleys deep,
It's in the lovely dreams you have when you are fast asleep.
But most of all and best of all you'll find God's love, it's true,
Inside the heart of everyone... and especially in you!

Faye Kilday ~ 1999

God's Promise ~~

It's just a humble rose dressed in a cloak of red,
Yet it speaks of finer things and summer days ahead.
Its beauty is a vision to uplift a weary heart,
And in it God's created a priceless work of art.

The garden now looks brighter, And birds have come to sing,
I do believe my garden would bring pleasure to a king!
When times seem dark and dreary and you cannot carry on,
You may be uplifted by a poem or a song.

Or a promise or a person or a humble rose of red...
And that will be God's promise of brighter days ahead!

Faye Kilday 2003

Angels In Disguise ~~

Who was that kind stranger who helped you cross the road?
And who was that Samaritan who helped you with your load?

And that stranger at the bus stop who talked with you awhile,
And turned the frown upon your face into a happy smile...?

Why, angels in disguise, of course! That's who these souls must be.
Sent by God in heaven to help folks like you and me!

Their gentle ways and kind displays - the little things they do,
Help us when we need a hand - or feel a little blue!

So the next time you are helped by someone you don't recognize,
It's possible that they may be an angel in disguise!

Faye Kilday ~ 1996

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