Forgotten Son ~ Frances

How sad it is for Me to see,
My children when they ignore Me.
I gave them life from the very start,
There should be room for Me
within their heart.

I gave them life a second time,
Why do they still remain so blind?
I sent My son to set you free,
Not just to make a day of glee.

You celebrate His birth each year,
Your spirit rejoicing as it draws near.
You give fancy gifts and feasts galore,
Still no one hears Him, knocking at the door.
Even children that claim My name:
Oh, I know that some of them would say,
"Of course I know the meaning of Christmas Day!

"Then you put Me out of your mind,
'Til you need Me again in troubled times.
Friends and family might believe it is true
That Christmas means all the right things to you.

But your Heavenly Father knows all the time,
What thoughts dwell within your mind.
Is my Son your first thought on Christmas Day?
When you awake do you find time to pray?

If the Bible and gifts were set side by side,
Would you read my Word and put the gifts aside?
As for the children I gave to you,
Would they understand any better than you?

If the Bible was lying under the tree,
Would they reach for it and shout with glee?
No, I'm afraid when all is done,
You all would have forgotten my Son.

Among the gifts and fancy wrappings
under the tree,
The Book of My Word remains forgotten,
like my Son and Me.


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