The Offering ~ David Penfound


~~ Free  Spirit ~~

Born to majestic mountains on high ...
A place called "land of the sky"
Blessed by God to let be ...
A spirit always free.

Some thought my spirit too wild
but I was God's nature child.
Running free over streams and hills
Only by God was my spirit ever still.

Others only knew what they wanted to see
Often missing the best between God and me.
Leaving others to only guess ...
Sometimes a sacrifice, I confess.

My spirit cannot be broken
by deed or word spoken
It is a spirit that will not bend
For God protects from within.

Mine is a spirit no one can capture
It remains in God's eternal rapture.
A spirit that cannot be tamed by man
For it has been touched by God's hand.

From the time of my birth
I have known my spirit's worth ...
A soul Blessed from above
My spirit abides only God's love.

Only by God do I stand
Spirit unbroken, untamed by man
Mine is a spirit to let be ...
Blessed by God to always be free.

Barbara (Bobbi) LaBarbera ~ 2003

Used with permission

Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy
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Title of painting is ' The Offering'  ~ Artist ~ David Penfound

David Penfound art is used with written permission.
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