~ A  Friend or an Angel ~
When you hope for an angel to guide your way
Trust in God to send you for just what you do pray.
God has many special angels
He can disperse at His will
For He has many prayers and promises
He sees fit to fulfil.

But don't be surprised if that angel you find
Is a special friend trying to be most kind.
Angels are God's loyal creatures
that serve Him in Heaven above
The same way a friend will render to you
their unconditional Love.

Friends and angel have this one thing to share
They will both commit themselves
to prove how much they care.
When you need help in finding your way
when you are lost
A friend or an angel will provide this no matter the cost.

A friend or an angel will always observe God's creed
So trust in Our Lord to send exactly which one you need...
Written by
Robert Breaux

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Artwork used with permission of Greg Olsen