Until you've walked a while in my shoes, 
Don't toss me aside like yesterday's news,
Though I'm but a shadow of what I used to be,
Don't turn away!  I beg you, please.
There's a real living being inside of this shell
Who's lived a full life and lived it well,
I once was a child full of vigour and fun
And wide eyed wonder of a life just begun.
I've passed many milestones over my years, 
I fought many battles and conquered my fears,
I was highly regarded in our society, 
A leader and pillar of the community.
I've known both sorrow and happiness, 
But now, I have out lived my usefulness,
Clearly, time has taken my youth away,
I'm weak and frail, my hair has thinned and greyed.
Life's burdens and woes have wrinkled my face, 
My memories so dear, have all been erased, 
My spirit is dwindling, my flesh is too weak, 
My thoughts are confused when I try to speak.
The one that I cared for, now must care for me, 
I pray you may never know such humility,
Alas!  I've come full circle, I'm child like again,
I've lost control of my life, on you I must depend.
Until I'm called Home by my Father above, 
Treat me with kindness, compassion and Love,
Give me the respect that I am due
Because one day, I just might be you! 
~ Gloria Dianne ~

Artwork used with kind permission of Jim Behlen Jnr.
Please do not use or copy artwork without express permission of 
Jim Behlen Jnr.
` Full Circle ` was written by Gloria Dianne


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