We really didn't have her long,  our friend whose gone away,
And if things could be different I confess I'd have her stay
With us and bless us with her friendship and her smile,
She grew so very dear to us in such a little while.
Now we all are lonesome,  each heart has an empty space,
That wants to feel her hand again and see her smiling face.
And hear her speak so gently, and just be with us each day.
We miss her and we're grieving for, our Friend whose gone away.
But I am very thankful, there is peace within my soul,
For I know she's with Jesus, I know He has made her whole.
And I know too I'll see her when He calls me from this place,
And when I go to live with Him, I know I'll see her face.
So as I write these words and I remember our Dear Friend.
I am thankful that He loaned her to us at the very end.
How precious are His thoughts toward us,
How wondrous are His ways,
He sent us such a lovely soul to bless and fill our days.

Written by - M. Garren   29-3-95


Danny Hahlbohm artwork used with permission.
Please do not use or copy Danny's art without express permission of copyright owner.



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