A Prayer on Highway 12

Thank you, Great Spirit,
for the opportunity to walk with you,
To be with those who have great knowledge
And for the privilege of glimpsing that knowledge.
Allow me to be the Warrior I was meant to be,
Let me have the wisdom to be wise.

I am here Great Spirit, take me home,
back to the beginning,
Show me the rudiments of life and of love.
Teach me the elements of nature,
pure and simple.
Give me understanding, to give it to others.

Let me be as you, I am part of you.
Peace and harmony, oneness, togetherness,
a natural order.
This is the path which was intended for us.
Guide me Great Spirit,
I give my life to you alone,
Take it, and give my spirit to the people.
We all need you ... and each other.

Alexander Lich ~ 25th September 1993


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Art by Manuel S Franco ~ Guarding our Freeland - Used with permission
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HERE to view more wonderful art by
Manuel S. Franco