The wolf howls at the lonely sky,
And at the moon above,
He howls because he has lost,
His one and only love.

Together they have gone through life,
And had their family.
And by her side is where he thought,
That he would always be.

But now she's gone, and he travels
Through this land alone,
And every night, at the lonely moon,
He howls a lonely moan.

But he knows that one day,
He'll be with her again
In that land above the moon,
With her, and all their kin.

And so with that very thought
He goes along his way,
'Til the time he meets his love,
On a sunlit day.

So when you hear him howling,
At the lonely moon,
Be happy for him, 'cause he'll
See his one love soon.

2001 - Bud Hill

'Howling Wolf' used with permission from copyright owner
Bud Hill

Please do not copy or use Howling Wolf without written permission of copyright owner



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