~~ Invisible Friend ~~

I took great granddaughter's little hand,
As we headed out the door
She always wants to tag along,
When I go about my chores.

I know she's learned a lot from me,
But if she only knew,
Of all the things that she's taught me,
And she is only two.

She asks me why the sky is blue,
And why the grass is green
She makes me look at all the things,
That I have never seen.

Those puddles that I walked around,
We now walk straight on through
It matters not, if we get wet,
It seems the thing to do.

It's been so long, I can't recall,
When last I kicked a can
But it brings back childhood memories,
To this happy gray haired man.

We often sit upon the ground,
We find a bug or two
She listens as I tell her tales,
'Bout the ant that's on her shoe.

But then she tells me stories,
Of a friend I cannot see
And how this friend is by her side,
And he's watching her and me.

Now, I'm not sure I understand,
This imaginary friend
So I tell her that I like her pal,
I know it's all pretend.

But then when I am all alone,
I wonder if she's right.
Does she see someone I can't see?
Is he hidden from my sight?

I've heard we all have angels,
Who are always by our side
I've never seen the one I have,
'Cause I have never tried.

Maybe this is just her way,
That she wants to let me to know
That I will never be alone,
No matter where I go.

So you see, this little, two-year-old,
Has shown this gray haired man
That our angel walks beside us now,
It's part of HIS great plan.

J. Pielmeier Sr ~ 15th April 2002

Joe Pielmeier Sr. passed into the world of light 5th December 2002
Please respect author copyright, do not use or copy poetry without first
seeking permission from Joe's Grand Daughter Heather
To contact Heather please click HERE

Used with Permission

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Art by Jean Monti is used courtesy of Christ Centered Art